Our background

Invicta was founded in 2018 by young entrepreneurs looking to deploy capital into the startup and tech ecosystem. Our members are all young entrepreneurs with operational experience.

How we Operate

Invicta operates both as a venture fund and an angel syndicate. As a venture fund, we commit small amounts of capital as part of larger rounds. As an angel syndicate, we pool the money of individual angels and commit larger decentrlized investments. While not every angel invests in every deal, the investment of one angel and Invicta's participation usually brings with it further investment.

Added value partners

In addition to providing capital, the benefit of having us or one of our syndicate members as investors is realized in the operational experience we provide. No matter the size of the investment we commit to helping founders and we become our portfolio companies biggest fans and advocates.

Portfolio Advocates

Having an angel syndicate invest is powerful because as opposed to having a singuler fund with a singular marketing channel committed to you, you, as a portfolio company, you have many advocated spreading your message and growing your brand.

Investment Thesis

We are parameter agnostic. We don't invest exclusively in any region, stage or industry. We seek to invest in talented founders solving challenging problems or providing substantial value to society. We are, however, particularly passionate about AI, Fintech, and Productivity related ventures. As operators - we value good management, vision, and a high quality user centric products.




Yehuda Leibler | Founding Partner Twitter Linkedin Yehuda is a tech and strategy consultant, a VC Investor, and an experienced founder/entrepreneur. He started his first company at age 14 (in 2014), a development turned consulting firm that was acquired in 2019 and has since served as an executive and advisor at various companies. He is an award winning social entrepreneur (President's Medal, Facebook CLP, WeWork CA) and served as an analyst, commander and innovation leader in Israel's renowned unit 8200.


Manuel Bleve | Advisor Twitter Linkedin Manuel is an experienced financial analyst. He currently runs AngleNotes, a leading community of angel investors, providing them with strategic deal flow analysis and insights, and previously held positions at FinBox. He holds a Bachelor of Law and Business from The University of Bologna.

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